26 May 2015


Early this May, I ran my 7th half-marathon. After each run, I was fascinated by the idea of putting my memories and impressions onto paper. Finally, after finishing the RunHackney half-marathon this month, I managed to turn my intensions into a real map.

This race is just two years old and I completed it both times. So, RunHackney is the only half marathon I have completed twice. I was always worried that running the same route could be a bit boring. But, it wasn't! All the way, I was comparing my memories from last year with what I saw right this time. By coincidence, most of my time in London has been spent living in the borough of Hackney. I've seen plenty of streets and places many times, but all of them were in my head as different pieces of a puzzle, but with no connection to each other. On this run, all of those pieces came together to form the complete jigsaw puzzle. It¹s fascinating how the city can shrink when you run through so many places within just a couple of hours! Running this half marathon was the perfect way to see the area where I live from a different angle. I'm already looking forward to standing on the start line in the spring of 2016.

Rare good picture of me running.

21 May 2015


Came across stand with colourful inks at my local art supplies store. Apparently calligraphy could be bright and fun, depends on material you choose. I spent a couple of afternoons trying different options.

7 May 2015


Came across nice kids poetry while polishing my calligraphy skills. It was used in Alice In Wonderland (1951) movie, however not a part of famous novel by Lewis Carroll. Two nonsense creatures came along with the writing. 

If I had world of my own,
Everything would be nonsense.
Nothing would be what it is
Because everything would be
What it isn't.
And contrary wise what is,
It wouldn't be.
And what it wouldn't be,
It would.

You see?