28 Jan 2015


A set of illustrations created for a joint exhibition with Nina Pechkovskaya in Tallinn.

This series of prints depicts personal subjective rules created about the search for happiness and well-being. 

•Collect moments, not things.
London life is full of moves, four years in UK taught  me to let go material things without regret. I started appreciate memories and experience I got, these things wouldn't disappear  from my mind and remain with me for years.

•Be fit and your body will thank you.
I've never been a sport person, gym classes in high school were true torment for me. However, after a chain of circumstances I started running on a regular basis. It wasn't a love from the first sight. Looking back now I could say that having regular physical activity for more than three years gave me better understanding of my body needs and abilities.

•Open your mind only for beautiful thoughts.
Even on low moment of life I try to keep away from all dark thoughts.

The feeling of creating something with your own hands is unique and the satisfaction it could bring is priceless.

•Have your guilty pleasures.
But don't feel guilty about it. Share the things you admire, let people see the beauty of things you like.
• Share you thoughts.
Your thoughts are like seeds, you never know where they could travel, land and grow up.
•Dare to try new things
Everyday life could get so many new shades if we let in new experience. Sometimes it could be a failure, but it is only one way to discover new unknown flavours, colours and sounds of life 
 •Leave your comfort zone
Sometimes you just need to take other route to bus stop or try new cafe and you'll see how many things going on outside of your comfort zone.
•Have your passions and hobbies.
I used to have piano classes in my childhood, twenty years later I recalled my skills and playing piano turned to my new passion. It helped me a lot to escape and relax on low moments of my life.
•Sleep well
Anything couldn't be compared to the healing  power of 8 hour long sleep.

Promotional cards

Print and original painting.

19 Jan 2015


Last minute submission for the annual book illustration competition. (Organised by Folio Society and House of Illustration, London UK)
This year book was a compilation of spine-chilling ghost stories.

Three stories from the collection:

‘The Treasure of Abbot Thomas’ by M. R. James, ‘A Tale of an Empty House’ by E. F. Benson, and ‘The Upper Berth’ by F. Marion Crawford

•The Treasure of Abbot Thomas•

•The Upper Berth•

•A Tale of an Empty House•

13 Jan 2015


Illustration created for the annual folk festival poster competition.
XXIII Viljandi Pärimusmuusika festival
The theme for this year was Freedom.

8 Jan 2015


2014 my most documented year so far. 365 days - 365 pictures.On 1st of January I decided spontaneously that going to make every day a picture and post it on instagram. I didn't believe that this going to be finished, a couple of times i nearly gave up. But now I see that the year was pretty good!#my_visual_diary_365

2014 from Eleonora on Vimeo.