6 Dec 2011


I had my first etching workshop. If I'm not mistaken, that was variation of aquatinta technique. I made two plates with soft and hard grounds, as they have different effects on printing. Some of my course mates made notes on all steps of process, In the end of workshop I regret that I didn't. There were huge amount of suggestions essential to follow. I spent almost nine hours at printing studio to produce just four prints. Behind those photos there are plenty of preparation.

Feathering process and adding drawing on zinc plate with needle

Steel and zinc plates before printing

Two prints made from steel plate

Two prints made from zinc plate

Just like that old printing press roll at college printing room.

4 Dec 2011


I have been recently involved into East London Mornings project. That is non-profit publishing project with intentions to create the guide of best places for morning coffee at Hackney. I was asked to draw illustration for nice and cozy place CREPERIE DU MONDE. I'm very into places with wooden tables, country style dishes and small lovely details. I've checked some other recommended spots, all of them have warm peaceful atmosphere and something special what is difficult to describe. I believe that the rest of places have also that unique charm of East London. So I can highly recommend East London Mornings guide.