28 Nov 2011


I had my first project at university. We were given a list of emotions and seven days, in the end of that time we had to choose 20 faces and to draw them on A1 sized paper. One of them had to be done on separate sheet.
At first it was a bit scary to draw in large scale, haven't done it for a while. However, I found it useful, as there are more space for details.

20 faces and part human part animal face


Long face and old face

Some works of my course mates which I liked

Some more

8 Nov 2011

4 Nov 2011


I got good advise from my tutor, actually to draw something completely unrelated to your big project. Anyway it is also essential not to forget about main things.

When I watch on somebody's face I spot random details before I save it in my mind.
I have quite good ability to remind faces and have disgusting memory for names.
I found a folder with pictures of vintage perfume bottles on my computer which
I've made at small perfume museum at Barcelona. Didn't find better use for them yet.

3 Nov 2011


I was suggested to draw more on locations and from life. Monmouth coffee shop at Borough market with endless flow of people was right place to start.