30 Nov 2013


San Francisco is undeniable pleasure for eyes, it has so many levels, views and layers  that my visual hunger was satisfied well enough. Sometimes I had a feeling that common gravity rules do not apply to this city, it remains me a theatre stage with changing decorations, dramatic lightening and historic objects just steps away from you.

Just for a couple of dollars you can ride these charming old trams. I ignored light railway which was obviously faster and took one of those fancy vehicles and even didn't feel guilty being late for an appointment.
So obvious detail of the street for americans and so exotic for europeans.
For 6$ you can ride proper museum object. 
Charming white wooden houses are looking so fragile, reminding wedding cakes. 
Just next to tram stop I used to stay were set up functional public art, which was covered by layers of dry october leaves. Some of them travelled with me across the Atlantic.
San Francisco hills could be insidious. On the map it is just five blocks, but in real live that rather feels like climbing up to the wall.
This is most mysterious cinema theatre I ever visited before. I want to believe it will survive and will keep its authentic decoration and interiors.
Charming touch of asian culture and profound fortune cookie messages.